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Gears IP Firmly Secured by Microsoft

Gears of War was one of the bigger franchises to come out of the last generation of gaming consoles, and showed up exclusively on the Xbox 360. Now with the new generation getting started, Microsoft has acquired the rights to … Continue reading

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Announcements+ Bioshock Week

This upcoming week I have the whole week off from my day job and you know what that means? More posts, more reviews, and more videos. Also, it gives me the chance to finally focus on a series I love … Continue reading

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Steam Machines Too Complicated for Consumers?

During CES 2014, Valve revealed 13 different Steam Machines from various manufacturers. From top-of-the-line machine builds, to valid competitors to Xbox One and Playstation 4, Steam Machines are a varied bunch. After reviewing the specs on each of the machines, … Continue reading

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Sony Hoped for 7’s with Knack, and Thats Awful

Knack is one of the launch titles of Sony’s PlayStation 4 console, and has met with lukewarm reviews to say the least. With a 2/5 from Giant Bomb, 3/5 from Escapist, and 5.9/10 from IGN. Since this is a launch … Continue reading

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