Hello, my name is Chris Taylor. I’m currently attending college, and I hope to enter the gaming industry. I’ve been playing video games for about as long as I can remember. I’ve always enjoyed the time I’ve spent with them. Recently, I have been attending various conventions and accessing new content. As a result, I have created this blog to show some of the things I’ve seen while abroad.

Other then convention info, I also have started to cover some gaming news so that I can spread the word on big and controversial news. I have also started editorials based on certain aspects unique to the gaming industry, where I can add my thoughts on certain topics. When I’m not reporting on news or writing editorial content, I also do game reviews and impressions. With any of my new purchases, I have made it my goal to review each one, and to even retroactively review some of the older games in my library. I hope you enjoy all of my content, and follow this blog for more to come.


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