Magicka Review


Do you like to cast spells in fantasy games? Do you like quick crafting systems? Do you like using M60 machine guns on goblins? If so, Magicka is the game for you! Magicka is so ridiculous and over the top, I think most people would be hard-pressed to find a reason to dislike it.


Vlad is definitely not a vampire.

As the game opens up, we get a seemingly generic story line: Evil wizard threatens the land, go and save everybody. The fascinating part is how Magicka plays into these cliches and its own wonderful humor. All of the voice acting in the game is done with a humorous accent, sort of what I’d expect Swedish to sound like. This had me chuckling with every verbal exchange and I searched for all the dialogue I that I could. The shear amount of random quips and references to movies, games, and other media is astounding.

Searching for all of this game’s references became a game of its own (with achievement tracking to boot) but how does the base game hold up?


Wonderfully. In Magicka, you combine various elements to create spells on the fly. Combine lighting, fire, and arcane for a devastating beam, or ice and earth for a spike-riddled boulder to launch. The possibilities are many and keeps gameplay feeling fresh as you are required to think about the best combination for each type of foe. In addition to crafting your own spell, there a spellbooks scattered throughout the game, upon collecting them, you gain access to unique spells such as teleporting, spreading grease on the ground, or my favorite: summoning a thunderstorm that decimates everybody.


Lightning at your fingertips has never been more literal.

The campaign offers up to four-player co-op and can quickly become chaotic as the amount of spells flying across the screen increases. Luckily if any players die, they are easily revived with a simple spell.  More players also allows for a bit more experimentation as you can cross spell-beams and set various status effects on foes. Its is also common for a lot of accidental betrayals and can lead to a small battle among yourselves, but what’s a deathmatch between friends?

If you’re in the mood for battle fellow players, Magicka has you covered. There is a versus mode that can be  customized with various rules and available items. After picking a stage, you can fight with local or online opponents.


Magicka has so much to offer for its price tag. If you and your buddies are looking for a new co-op game, Magicka can keep you occupied for quite sometime with its lengthy campaign and versus offerings. There is also additional DLC for purchase if you’d like to experience additional campaigns. For anybody that hasn’t tried it, there is a brief demo available on Steam and I encourage everybody to give it a go. You won’t experience a game like this anywhere else.



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