The Wolf Among Us: Smoke and Mirrors



Here we are once again with the Wolf Among Us, a Telltale Games series based upon the Fables graphic novels. If you haven’t already, check out my impressions on the first episode here. So this episode doesn’t skip a beat and continues the action from what happened previously. Once again, I am impressed with the talented voice work in this title, Bigby can sound threatening or empathetic and is completely genuine.

New characters, more story, nothing to complain about here.

New characters, more story, nothing to complain about here.

The game is again at its strongest when Bigby is teamed up with somebody like Snow White or one of our other main characters. Bigby plays off everybody differently (of course depending on your choices) and progressing through the storyline is compelling. Trying to solve these murders is engrossing, and rewarding anytime you discover a lead or clue as to what’s going on.

Gotta put all these clues together.

Gotta put all these clues together.

Another thing I have to praise is the art style the developers have gone with. The comic book look comes to life and we can enjoy plenty of contrasting colors and neon lights. While it is no graphical masterpiece, it  is pleasing to look at, and not a look many games can pull off well.

This game captures the essence of the 80's.

This game captures the essence of the 80’s.

I can’t recommend this title enough. While it isn’t the high-octane action set-piece most games are, this is a fun game to play when relaxing and can just enjoy the storytelling. If you are still not convinced, the beginning of the first episode is free to try with a trial version on most platforms.  The only complaint for me, is now I have to wait a couple more months for more content, but with a low entry price and plenty or replayability, it is a small issue I can glance over.


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