Will the Elder Scrolls Online Flop?



The juggernaut franchise The Elder Scrolls has been the go-to series for fantasy-RPG action. With big releases like 2011’s Skyrim and 2006’s Oblivion, developer Bethesda has its largest following ever. To follow through on that hype, parent company Zenimax has commissioned an MMO slated for release in 2014, this year.Many of the questions previously surrounding this title have since been answered regarding gameplay and story concerns, but one little fact has escaped the attention of some gamers: the inclusion of a subscription fee.

Yep, after the initial purchase of $60 (regardless of platform), gamers will have to follow up with steady payments of $15 dollars monthly to continue playing the game. To MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) regulars, this may seem routine, but will the millions of console gamers support and purchase a title that will require continuous payment?

After I found this out for myself, I said “No way,” as that amount of $15 does indeed add up over time. Why couldn’t Zenimax have pursued the same pricing as Guild Wars 2, which included only the one-time purchase? With players on next-gen consoles already paying for Xbox Live or Playstation Plus, forumgoers on Bethesda’s own website are troubled by the subscription’s presence.

So what’s your take on the pricing of The Elder Scrolls Online? Do you think the $60 + $15 monthly will be worth the price of admission? or will you save the cash for other titles? Leave your comments down below.


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5 Responses to Will the Elder Scrolls Online Flop?

  1. To me, its worth the price. ZOS will be hosting its own servers for this game, meaning they will need the money to maintain the servers and provide upkeep. Hosting servers for consoles and PC is going to be expensive. They’ll need the extra $15 to keep up.

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  4. Fendeviper says:

    I wish there was some kind of sustainable, non-subscription model they could use to keep things running (maybe similar to Lord of the Rings Online; no subscription, but lots of one-off micro-transactions for people who can afford it). $15/month is probably going to be out of my price range.

    • LOTR is a great example of how they could set up their monetization.Honestly, I’d almost take any other format of payment: one big purchase price, micro transactions, ect, over constantly paying every month. That subscription fee adds up to about the equivalent of 3 new games if you paid for a year’s sub.

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