The Wolf Among Us (Impressions)


Recently, I picked up The Wolf Among Us in the autumn Steam sale that was held. I had never played a Telltale game before, and with their recent smash hit The Walking Dead winning many game of the year awards, I felt like this would be a safe purchase. After playing through the first episode, I must admit I am very impressed.

The Wolf Among Us is based on the Fables series of comics where all of our treasured fable characters are now living in the real world through guises known as glamour. Our main character is Bigby Wolf, also known as the Big Bad Wolf of Little Red Riding Hood fame. Bigby is the sheriff of the fable community, keeping everyone in line and shipping any non-human guised fables to The Farm. Bigby is an extremely likable character: he’s incredibly quick witted, tough, and charismatic (all depending on your choices). The supporting cast is just as great, Snow White reminded me of Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite and she was a wonderful foil to the intimidating Bigby. The investigating was at it best when she comes along.


Now something that had always held me back from Telltale’s games is the lack of gameplay, true enough, Th Wolf Among Us does continue their trend of “movie” games. There are a lot more cinematics than there is gameplay and the gameplay that is there, is all quicktime events. What makes this game great though is the investigative segments and the dialogue.


The narrative in this game follows a murder investigation and involves a lot of clue gathering. The dialogue segments are also entertaining, the characters are well-written and responses always witty and sly. The game is also set up like a television series, with the story spread across 5 different episodes. As of right now, only the first episode “Faith” is available, but with the promise of more on the way, I must say, Telltale may have another game of the year on their hands.


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