Nintendo to Miss Target Sales


Now that Microsoft and Sony have both unleashed their next gen consoles, both seem eager to share their huger sales numbers, with Sony selling over 1 million in the United States, and Microsoft selling 1 million (foreign and domestic sales). Meanwhile how is Nintendo doing? 850,000 stretching from April to September. Although it does not include recent sales, it is a bit shocking that the house-that-mario-has-built has sold less in the past few months, then its competitors on day 1. 

After seeing the Wii sell like hotcakes, why isn’t their next effort bearing as much fruit? Simple: gimmicks and advertising. I asked many people that I see on a casual basis “What is the Wii U?” I would ask. Most of my responses were “Wii U?” Nobody has heard of the thing. I haven’t seen any commercials or seen any advertising for it outside of my own searches!

All of this does point toward a troubling trend for the big N. Analyst Michael Pachter estimated sales figures of 6 million by the end of the year, a whopping 3 million short of Nintendo’s forecast. It saddens me that the Wii U had a year on these new machines, and yet as gained little to no traction. Just less and less support from companies like EA and Bethesda. Hopefully they can still turn it around.

Photo courtesy of The Justified Sinner


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