Are Games Good Teaching Tools?


About a month ago, I tried out Rocksmith 2014 at a friend’s house. This opportunity was a fun experience as we played through a few songs and enjoyed the good tunes. I was very familiar with how the game is set up; Guitar Hero and Rockband had similar gameplay elements, but whereas I was playing a plastic controller before, now I tickled the strings of a real electric guitar. After playing my fill, I went home for the night and relaxed, as I popped on the television, an old family acoustic guitar was leaning in the corner. Curious, I tried a few notes I had used in the game. Surprisingly, the music that echoed from my guitar was mildly accurate, my newbie play-style was stilted and awkward, but it was accurate nonetheless. 

Now that I have played it for roughly a month, I have to say, the results are impressive. My coordination with my finger placement was better, ear for music improved, and songs became more recognizable. The fact that Rocksmith had taught me so much still catches me off-guard. Before, I had only played games for enjoyment of gameplay or engrossing story, but now, playing to learn is a viable option.


No, not this type of forced learning experience

I do admit, Rocksmith is not the only viable learning experience out there, and not even the first guitar teaching tool. In fact, the NES even had the Miracle Piano peripheral and game to teach players keyboard/piano.

Now we’ve always had simulation games, but how many times can you legitimately take your experiences into the real world? Very few times I think. If Rocksmith is the beginning of a trend of teaching tools, then we may see future players may have a more robust skill set than society gives us gamers.


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I'm currently a college student that is looking to get into the game industry. I've been playing video games as long as I can remember, and enjoy my time spent with them. After accumulating experience via conventions and releases, I have decided to start posting content about what I have experienced. It has led me to try the Oculus Rift and various games early in development. Other than new convention info, I have decided to start writing editorials on gaming news and often input my thoughts about it, as well as inform my audience about news they may not be aware of. I have also started to review games that I purchase or have purchased. I'm attempting to released scheduled content, but with the holiday season rearing its head, being consistent has been rather difficult. In time, I will have regular posts. Thank you for checking out my blog, and please follow for more content to come!
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