Top 5 Video Game Theme Songs

Starting an epic quest? Viewing the carnage of a war unfolding before your eyes? You better bet the game your playing has some signature theme music to go with it! So let’s take a peek at gaming’s most recognizable tunes and anger fanboys by putting them in a list!


Zelda games are well-known for their triumphant sounding soundtrack, which has evolved from the 8-bit chiptunes to a full-on orchestral performance. Making its debut on the Nintendo Entertainment System, Zelda’s theme is very uplifting, especially the later versions that get more fleshed out. Whether you are listening to it on an old NES, or Nintendo’s newest Wii U, this tune will have you itching to go on a glorious quest of your own!


The father of the FPS genre, this game featured a head-banging metal soundtrack to pump players up for killing demons from hell. The graphics and story may be lacking when compared to today’s AAA market, but I think we can all agree this rocking soundtrack is undeniably the best music to slay demons to.

3. Skyrim

A somewhat recent title, this 2011 release had plenty of offerings in the music department. The main theme song features hard to understand chanting, but with the force behind each verse, it’s hard not to get excited. I could fight some dragons to this tune anytime.

2. Halo

The FPS that proved the genre could work on consoles, Halo is Microsoft’s flagship franchise for their Xbox brand. This theme song, created by Marty O’Donnell, is an epic tune that inspires gamers to trek through alien environments and fight the Covenant one battle at a time. The most memorable use of this song is the last level of Halo 3, on the final warthog run. The very ground beneath your feet is constantly falling beneath your feet as you battle your way home. It was a fitting end to a great trilogy of games. With a theme song like this, I’d fight the covenant all over again any day.

1.Super Mario Bros.

Nintendo’s biggest franchise would understandably have one of the memorable tunes in gaming. This hummable track is cheery and lighthearted, I’m amazed such good music could come from the NES with all the hardware limitations at the time. This classic song is worth it alone to boot up this classic title.

Maybe not that version.

So what’s your favorite video game theme song? Leave your comments down below!


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I'm currently a college student that is looking to get into the game industry. I've been playing video games as long as I can remember, and enjoy my time spent with them. After accumulating experience via conventions and releases, I have decided to start posting content about what I have experienced. It has led me to try the Oculus Rift and various games early in development. Other than new convention info, I have decided to start writing editorials on gaming news and often input my thoughts about it, as well as inform my audience about news they may not be aware of. I have also started to review games that I purchase or have purchased. I'm attempting to released scheduled content, but with the holiday season rearing its head, being consistent has been rather difficult. In time, I will have regular posts. Thank you for checking out my blog, and please follow for more content to come!
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