Nintendo Gets Online Interactivity


After experiencing online play with Nintendo’s Wii console, I had consigned their online prospects to an early demise. The interface was messy, friend codes annoying, and experience laggy. So I was immediately surprised with the Wii U and 3DS’s much improved online capabilities to be on-par or better than Microsoft’s or Sony’s online services.

Lets start with the 3DS and the recent release of Pokemon X&Y. When connected online, you pass by strangers that are in the same area as you, and everyone is capable of sending various power-ups to each other, which is helpful. People can also trade Pokemon just as easily, just click on somebody’s icon and presto! Trades ahoy!


Give me all the Eevees!

Also, in the endgame of Pokemon, they introduce the friend safari, where every friend  corresponds to a select amount of Pokemon that you can discover there, thus encouraging you to get as many friends as possible. Personally, I hunted down all my friends with 3DS’s just to discover what new Pokemon they could introduce to my game. It was addicting, and well implemented.

The Wii U is also home to a few innovative ideas, namely, the Wiiverse. After playing a level in New Super Mario Bros. U., you are given an option to leave a comment or drawing for others to see. These messages are great comforts to see after failing a particular stage, as they let you know others struggled just as you have. It reminded me of the messages seen in Demon Souls and Dark Souls, albeit, not as cryptic or dark.


Not a trap to get me killed? Sweet!

Nintendo has also started to do day one digital releases, something Microsoft and Sony are jumping on with their Games on Demand services. Nintendo has also forgone any charge for their online services (yet!) and that fact alone wins a lot of favor with me. Hopefully, Nintendo can continue with their improvements on their online services and may turn out on top.


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I'm currently a college student that is looking to get into the game industry. I've been playing video games as long as I can remember, and enjoy my time spent with them. After accumulating experience via conventions and releases, I have decided to start posting content about what I have experienced. It has led me to try the Oculus Rift and various games early in development. Other than new convention info, I have decided to start writing editorials on gaming news and often input my thoughts about it, as well as inform my audience about news they may not be aware of. I have also started to review games that I purchase or have purchased. I'm attempting to released scheduled content, but with the holiday season rearing its head, being consistent has been rather difficult. In time, I will have regular posts. Thank you for checking out my blog, and please follow for more content to come!
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