Battlefield 4


The time has come again to suit up in full combat dress and wage war 64-players at a time.  Battlefield has always been a pleasure to play; no other series captures the feelings of all-out war as developer DICE. So is this year’s Battlefield 4 worth all the hype? Lets take a deeper look.


At a glance, the fourth installment does bear an eerie semblance to Battlefield 3, but the devil is in the details. Many of the gun models and environments have seen an extra bit of polish; longtime players will see and appreciate the minor tweaks that have been made. Multiplayer has seen some minor revisions, as popular modes Conquest and Rush make glorious returns, along with modes like Domination and Obliteration. Fans of Call of Duty or Battlefield 3’s Close Quarters expansion will be familiar with Domination, but Obliteration is an all-new experience, and is that much more refreshing.


On the single player side of things, DICE has created an adequate action-packed romp. With many set-piece moments and great gunplay, the campaign can hold its own, but continues to lack a compelling story and takes a backseat to everything happening in multiplayer. To their credit, it is a marked improvement over Battlefield 3’s campaign, but lacks the great characterizations that the Bad Company series used to great effect.


It doesn’t take a gaming enthusiast to see that the franchise is quickly becoming stagnant. The visuals have little room to improve, and gameplay balance is a finely tuned instrument. Innovation is not the name of the game, but rather, iteration. So while it may not be the freshest vegetable in the garden, it continues to be a great multiplayer experience, and one that I can always come back to.



If at all possible, pick it up on PC, or next generation consoles. They will have greater visual fidelity and higher player-count. It is truly the best way to experience the multiplayer.


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I'm currently a college student that is looking to get into the game industry. I've been playing video games as long as I can remember, and enjoy my time spent with them. After accumulating experience via conventions and releases, I have decided to start posting content about what I have experienced. It has led me to try the Oculus Rift and various games early in development. Other than new convention info, I have decided to start writing editorials on gaming news and often input my thoughts about it, as well as inform my audience about news they may not be aware of. I have also started to review games that I purchase or have purchased. I'm attempting to released scheduled content, but with the holiday season rearing its head, being consistent has been rather difficult. In time, I will have regular posts. Thank you for checking out my blog, and please follow for more content to come!
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