Oculus Rift

So at FigCon this past week, I had the opportunity to try out the new Virtual Reality peripheral. After strapping on the revolutionary goggles and high quality headphones, I was thrust into the game environment in a refreshing new way. Immediately, I notice flaws, the pixels are easily seen, especially when exploring brighter areas of the game. Another flaw I noticed was when looking back over my shoulder, glitches and badly rendered textures abound.

But all is not lost on this new device. The gimmick of actually looking around was a blast. It was difficult to find my bearings, but ultimately enhanced the experience. Being able to actually peer around corners, look up at the environs, and to glance down and see my character’s feet beneath me are all exciting experiences.



About taylorgameschris

I'm currently a college student that is looking to get into the game industry. I've been playing video games as long as I can remember, and enjoy my time spent with them. After accumulating experience via conventions and releases, I have decided to start posting content about what I have experienced. It has led me to try the Oculus Rift and various games early in development. Other than new convention info, I have decided to start writing editorials on gaming news and often input my thoughts about it, as well as inform my audience about news they may not be aware of. I have also started to review games that I purchase or have purchased. I'm attempting to released scheduled content, but with the holiday season rearing its head, being consistent has been rather difficult. In time, I will have regular posts. Thank you for checking out my blog, and please follow for more content to come!
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